Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Coming out of the Closet Part II (FINALLY)

Ok! I was going through the blog and noticed that I never showed you the new shared playroom/craft room. Here is the original post. I had a struggle convincing hubby to let go of one of the guest bedrooms but now he loves it. He especially loves when the room is messy ~ we can just close the door! Here is the before guest bedroom. I really didn't feel that we needed 2 guest bedrooms. We only have guests once a year but me and Maddy need a space for creating everyday!!! Here is the "bedroom" now.
This is Maddy's side. I have the other (small) half of the bedroom for my crafting. I will show you my side tomorrow. Ideally, I would have repainted the bedroom but since we had it professionally done, I didn't want to waste that expense. I added vinyl stickers to make it more "kid" friendly.
I love this table from IKEA. Madison is not the neatest crafter (neither is her mommy). Everything wipes up easily. Crayon comes off easy with Goop Off. Maddy still loves her from the 99 cents store. Best's vinyl when she is no longer in love, it will peel right off!
The metal bins came from Marshall's. I put scrapbook stickers to label for craft supplies. I love her crayon caddy! But of course we have so many crayons she needed and additional crayon bin. Got the cute sqaure flower plaques from Hobby Lobby (I heart that store so much) on clearance for 90 cents. Got the adorable Radio Flyer wagon at a yard sale for 50 cents! I'm such the lucky girl! The cupcake bookends came from Marshall's. (I think they were $9.99)

Maddy's favorite teddy bear..."Mr. Brookstone" given by Aunt Jackie on her first birthday. Rocking chair from Big Lots, rug from IKEA and frog table from JoAnn's (50% off). Her pink stove came from one of my favorite children's resale shop for only $40! She loves it! I love these plastic storage containers from IKEA. They hold of all of Madison's art supplies and plastic mats...of course so no paint gets on the floor! The vinyl flowers came from JoAnn's found them on 80% clearance and butterfly stickers are from Dollar Tree. Got the TV unit from Ikea. I LOVE taking pictures!! I have thousands of them!! I am an avid scrapbooker however, being so busy with Maddycakes leaves little time for it. Of course I had to have a little area to display Madison's masterpieces. I plan on putting several in frames and updating's one of my many things on my to do list! Right now I have select pieces of her artwork on a large clip.We got Madison's toy storage from IKEA. Ikea has the best storage solutions-perfect for kids toys. So much for Madison's side of our shared playroom/craft room. Tomorrow I will share my side. I must get a move I am getting my key!!! If your new to this blog and have no idea what I'm talking about...check it out here!


  1. Such an adorable play room!! I'm so jealous! I want a room like that just for me, let alone my kids. LOL! Can't wait to see your side. Congrats on getting your key today!!!!

  2. What a great room!! Love the buckets for crayons and markers!
    Can't wait to see the 'craft' part :)

  3. The room is darling...can't wait to see your side. I missed the post about your new adventure. It was just after all the stuff with my mom and I wasn't keeping up. I'm very excited for you!