Friday, July 6, 2012

My Little Pony Birthday Party

We had a wonderful time at Madison's My Little Pony birthday party. Even though her birthday is in June and we live in Arizona~ I still have an outside party every year at our home. So each year we have guests bring swimsuits. I had a rainbow balloon arch over our pool. It really added much needed color and such a wow factor. I'm sure you could build one yourself but it would take a lot of time and I prefer to leave it to the professionals. This was a splurge but I think it was worth it. Now when my husband sees the invoice he may not feel the same way!

Loved the over sized rainbow beach balls floating in the pool.
The girls food tables were under the pergola that I decorated with colorful organza fabric.
The craft tables were under a canopy decorated with colorful tissue poms and rainbow wind spirals that I got on clearance at JoAnn's.
The favors were all bought during after Easter sales from 50-75% off. I totally scored finding the purple unicorns (Easter baskets turned treat baskets) at Walmart! I needed 12 and found exactly 12! I'm such the lucky girl!
Since I had The Knot event 2 days before Madison's party, I had tons of popcorn, mix-ins and toppings left so I changed my plan for dessert table and added the popcorn. I hate to waste!! It was perfect since her party was all the colors of the rainbow!
Got the popcorn boxes from Oriental Trading Company. I love them!!
I also added some additional flavors of popcorn from my favorite popcorn company in the Valley~ Poppa Maize Gourmet Popcorn! SO YUMMY and yes they ship in case you don't live in Phoenix/Scottsdale area!
The cake that Madison designed and Liz from Lizzy's Sweet and Treats made. Yes Madison told me exactly how she wanted her cake! 
Lizzy's Sweets and Treats also made the push-up pops! They were so perfect that I didn't want to add anything on the push up pop container. Usually I add a tag or something but I just loved the colorful layers!

My wonderful photographer (Andrea Crawley Photography) had to leave shortly after the party started so I got no professional photos of the sweet and salty table! Oh well....that is what happens in real life wasn't a photo shoot after all! However, here is my birthday girl posing in front of her half finished table. The kids really loved the Skittles dispensers filled with Skittles~another great after Easter find! Taste the Rainbow!!
Did you know that Scentsy has a new fondue machine?? It is called Velata! It is awesome! I will post more on this wonderful Velata fondue warmer on the blog soon! Do you like my rainbow "flowers"? Yes, they are dusters from at the 99 Cents store!

I had 4 games/activites scheduled but due to the extreme heat and guests arriving late we cut it down to 2. Here is the pin the horn on the unicorn. The girls really loved this game! The handmade game and mask was created by Shawna from Shawna Brockmeier Styled Events.
The girls went searching for unicorn jewels. You will never see a unicorn, they are mystical and magical but whenever they stop they leave jewels behind. The girls received colorful organza bags and went on the search for these magical jewels!

Here are the photos I took after my photographer left~ I know you can tell the difference!! At least I got a few shots of the finished sweet and salty buffet (popcorn/fondue).
 I will show a tutorial on how I made the felt flowers very soon.

 Madison loved the magician. If you watch My Little Pony then you know why I went with the magic show for entertainment. Friendship is Magic! Jolly Roger kept the kids totally entertained for 45 minutes! That is magic all right! Can you see my backdrop rainbow? Couldn't move my wall mounted television though! LOL

 At least I got some shots of the girls wearing their unicorn horns from the talented Shawna from Shawna Brockmeier Styled Events custom made. This year we had a girl only party for the first time.  After the girls ate and watched the magic show they all changed and hit the pool. After swimming for a while they came in to eat cake and treats from sweet and salty buffet. Also, freshly made cotton candy was a huge hit! The party was just magical and we are so blessed to have such wonderful friends in our lives!


  1. What a cute party!! My daughter is eyeing it now! hehe! VEry creative!

  2. So fun--every detail so well thought out! The colors are amazingly beautiful!!

  3. hi, ur ideas make me go crazy and try it all at once since my daughter's 2nd bday is coming up.. thank god i found ur blog! anyway where can i hit the follow button?

    1. Thanks so much!! The follow button is up top on the right!!! What is your daughter's theme for her 2nd birthday party?

    2. oh yeah thanks found it already last night. i honestly do not know yet, i love the marie from the aristocats theme coz i can just find stuffs at home, and yes its true that we cant find this character in most stores. im from the philippines by the way.

      would pink and black be okay? well..u know, its marie the cat so it should be pink and white. what do you think?

    3. I think black and pink would be great! I don't ever feel that you have to do what is "expected". I love thinking outside the box and being original! I can't wait to see it!

    4. wow my husband thinks its good to see black and pink together too. hmm i'll be glad to let u see the outcome on september! wish me luck!!!! keep on blogging and regards to ur baby girl madison

  4. What a fun party! Love all of the bright colors.

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  6. Oh...what can I say? Your creativity never ceases to amaze me! I love everything! If I had to choose a favorite...I would have to say that the organza fabric in the pergola is breath taking! Love, Love, LOVE!! Happy Birthday Madison!

  7. As always you do a great job. I love your blog!!

  8. Wow, My Little Pony is such a blast from my past! Adorable party and such fun details!

  9. I love the idea of having a little pony-themed birthday for Madison! In truth, it looks quite a grand party! The colorful rainbows and unicorn design just adds to the party’s magical ambience. And it was a good idea to hire a magician to keep the magic of Madison’s birthday party going on and on until the end!

    @Carlene Boley

  10. Your pool is phenomenal! I love the arch over it! Totally worth the splurge! And how super clever to use those rainbow dusters! They make the table!

  11. Where did you get that adorable my little pony shirt?