Monday, May 7, 2012

Nursing School Graduation Party

 I hope everyone had a wonderful Cinco de Mayo weekend. I spent the weekend at our condo in Mexico so the perfect place to celebrate! However, I had to get back home on Sunday for a party. I got home around 2:45 and the party was at 4 pm! Yikes...I pushed it a little too much this time! Luckily my sweet hubby help set up the tables and chairs and cleaned up the outside for me! This party was for my friend who graduated nursing school!

The backdrop was gauze I picked up from the 99 cents store but I don't know if anyone got it! My neighbor is a Orthopedic surgeon so X-rays and skeleton came from him. 
I literally threw this table together in 5 minutes. I had many things that I wanted to do and would have done differently but when you are crunched for time you must adapt and overcome! Good thing I did most of my prep work before I left for the beach!!

Meet FRED!
Although I love printables, I didn't have the time to have any made for this party so I decided to go "Old School" and make simple labels using card stock, Word and a stamp! Easy, quick and cheap! I put Dollar store band-aids on the treat boxes to tie in theme. 
It is possible to have a dessert table without having any CUSTOM food items~ all store bought items. 
I would have made my own cupcakes but then people would really have needed a doctor and I don't like the taste of store bought so you can either go to a local bakery but I have a girl....lucky me! Cupcakes by Lizzy Sweets and Treats. 
I made these Red Cross Oreos using white almond bark and Fruit Roll Ups for the crosses. Around the tray was gummy band aids. Those were eaten first before cookies by the kiddos!

 Got this cute shot pen from Oriental Trading.
The utensils were placed in latex gloves.

Bought all the CVS bottles from Ebay and filled with Skittles. (These were a huge hit with adults and kids!)
 Test Tube Bubbles from Dollar Tree. (Also got the red and white container from Dollar Tree- free)
The Germ Juice is hand sanitizer bought from WalMart for 88 cents. Just peeled off front label and replaced with stickers.

The Your Organ stickers and body from Oriental Trading. I placed these around on tables so people could test their knowledge.  (I think the kids did better than the adults!) 

Remember my first aid kits I showed you for the kiddos food?? 
Here are the contents. So easy to do and absolutely perfect for any party. Inside the pretty Bake It Pretty red and white stripped bags are Cheetos. I didn't know they were such a greasy chip!! I always include Wet Wipes also!!

This was done by a 8 year old boy...I have no idea if it's close to being correct but it looked good to me! 


  1. I'm a nurse and I'm loving this!!! Skittles in those prescription bottles would make for perfect loot for Nurses Week :)

  2. Girl- AMAZING!! can't believe you did this in 5 minutes....WOW!!

  3. awesome job! And gold star for the hubby ;o)

    hugs! Kim @ Party Frosting!

  4. Fab party! You work well in a crunch!!!

  5. Great idea, but being a biomedical engineer in the orthopaedic field I noticed that your knee images with their implants are upside down :)

  6. I think this type of graduation party is great for the medical students. This type of theme is very different and unique. food for graduation party will be light–weight.

  7. What size (drams) were the pill bottles?