Monday, April 2, 2012

Chanel Birthday Dessert Table

I LOVE the color combo black and white! It is timeless and so classy! I cannot get over how gorgeous this dessert table is by Oh Sugar Events! Don't you like the No 30?? Cute!
EEEEKKK the Chanel logo on everything is killing me!! LOVE!
Chanel logo pretzels.....shut the front door!
I think these are chocolate covered Oreos...yum!

So beautiful~I want this party...even though I don't own any Chanel or the perfume for that matter either! LOL Have I told you all my theme for my birthday party this year?????
Fiesta Forty-Five.....yes, I'm turning the big 45! Age is so just a number!


  1. Gorgeous! And I love your updates look!!

  2. Love the black and white too! Pinning! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  3. OMG-LOVE this! Your birthday party sounds like fun-I love a fun fiesta theme! My BUNCO theme in May is Mexican fiesta-I am thinking Margaritas & Mamacitas!

  4. OH EM GOODNESS!!! This is PERFECT!!!
    1. My name is Chanell.
    2. I turn 30 this year.
    3. I over-love black and white!!!!

    thanks for posting this!!!

  5. Where can you get the pretzels from. they are awesome- email me please-