Sunday, March 28, 2010

Chocolate anyone?

Why only have a chocolate fountain at a wedding? Everybody loves chocolate~ why not have it for baby shower, girls night, birthday parties, etc???? You don't need to rent or purchase the commercial size one as seen above.
I own a professional grade chocolate fountain but I also have 2 mini home fountains as well. You can buy them at places such as Target and WalMart very inexpensive. They are awesome during parties and gatherings. Everyone always raves over it and it is so easy to do. You can buy the chocolate at WalMart and Target as well. I don't suggest using chocolate chips...just too much work to get right me I've learned from trial and error. If you are using a home chocolate fountain you can purchase the fondue here as well. They have the convenient 4 lb size which will serve approximately 30 -40 guests or just 10 if they REALLY love chocolate! These microwaveable bags are great~ no mixing, no need to add oil, you just heat and serve.
If you are having a larger soiree and want colors they have: (I love these so much!!!!)
Lt Purple
Lime Green
Lt Pink - Baby Pink
Lt Yellow
Lemon Yellow
Lt Blue - Baby Blue
Lt Green - Mint Green
Red - Tomato Red and will also create custom colors.
Here are some dipping suggestions:
Fresh Strawberries
Rice Crispy Treats
Rolled Wafer Cookies
Mini Cream Puffs
Maraschino Cherries
Toasted Coconut Marshmallows
Nutter Butters
Dried Apricots
Graham Crackers
Animal Crackers
Vanilla Wafers
Fresh Melons
Coconut Macaroons
Cookie Assortment


  1. No fair to be craving chocolate before 8am rofl! YUM!

    Kim @
    party inspiration

  2. I also use my chocolate fountain for my son's school parties, the kids love it. I had to find a peanut free chocolate due to school requirements, the ones in the stores are not. I now only use because it is peanut free & tree nut free and tastes great. 2 yummies to add to your list are red licorice & caramels.

  3. Such a cute idea to use at birthday parties too! Love it! Thanks for sharing. Be blessed. Cindy

  4. Great tip on the nut free chocolate....thanks Little Star parties! Same school requirements for Maddy's school as well so I will check it out because I plan on doing a little party for her class. She is in preschool 3 days a week baby is growing up way too fast!!

  5. ohhh I looooove chocolate fountains! So fun!

  6. This is my favorite place to order chocolate. Their colors always come out perfect! That was a great tip on the peanut free location. I'll have to check that out too for baileys birthday party next year. I see you are extra with the parties at your daughters school too. Watch out because the parents always tease me and tell me how over the top I am. Lol

  7. I love my Sephra chocolate fountain (although it IS a pain to clean). It is always a hit at parties! My favorite flavor is the dark chocolate, yummm :)

  8. We're having a 'spa party' on May 1st for 7 year-olds...might just have to suggest this to my co-host. I'm sure the guests would have a blast dipping their own OREO's. YUM!

  9. Hi...I finally have enough energy left at the end of the day to visit a few friends. Thanks for the kind words. We are getting through it. Mom is doing a little better every day, but finally realizes she will need to go to rehab to get her strength back before she can go home. She still has a battle ahead once she is stronger, but she has already proven she is a fighter. I'm tired (crazy tired) but doing okay and actually we are getting away from the hospital a little bit now while dad is with mom. We've done some "normal" things...I even went to a garage sale today. I miss reading all the posts and may never catch up-but, I will be back! Thanks so much.

    Almost forgot to say that I've only seen chocolate fountains...not white or colors, very pretty!


  10. Thanks for posting the site to order the fondue! I've had a fountain for almost a year now, and I'm thinking of breaking it out at an upcoming event.