Monday, September 19, 2011

Halloween Front Porch Decor

I am in full swing on getting my house ready for the holidays. I love this time of year!! I love to decorate the front porch for the seasons, holidays and parties! Even if you don't have a front porch ~ you can decorate your door in an unique way for every occasion. I'm getting my front porch ready for Halloween. As you know I don't do "scary" Halloween but still like to have fun with it. Want a big statement on your porch for almost free???
Go get you a large branch from your tree or in my case since all I have are cactus....procure one :) Then spray paint it! I think the orange gives it a nice pop of color. I added a Dollar Tree bird I had from last year. (I need to get at least one more....hope Dollar Tree still has them this year)
I like how it gives that bland corner height and color. Used my handy dandy Cricut to make the Happy Halloween in vinyl for the door. I will show you the rest this week. As you may have noticed I have not been posting on the weekends~instead I have been posting many "muses" on Facebook during the weekends. Being so busy something has to give but don't want to leave you hanging so if you need "muses" on the weekends...then check out Maddycakes Muse Facebook page.


  1. Really cute! It was funny; when I looked at your porch it looks identical almost to the one I just moved from! When I read where you were from, it explained it, LOL...I was in Palm Desert though, but seriously, my front porch and doors and windows over the door were exactly the same : ).

  2. Hi ya, just found your blog while looking for halloween front porch ideas. Love your orange branches. I have a bunch I use and hang bats from them but keep them natural so as to use them for other holidays.

    I have to say I might just have to spray mine since yours are so stinkin cute!

    Can't wait to see what makes you you!

    New follower!