Friday, December 9, 2011

Halo Party

Last Sunday, Maddycakes had a Halo party for an 11 year old birthday boy. I have had the family for clients for 3 years now (they have 3 kids) and I now feel like part of the family! This birthday boy always challenges me because he is a lover of video games and I have never played any! Remember his Super Mario party last year? This year he wanted a Halo theme....huh? I had no idea what Halo was. The first thing I do is go to "Gaming" store and look at the game to see what muses I can get from it. When I saw that it was basically a military video game I knew that I was fine! (You all know I'm a retired Marine!)
Look at the front entrance! A life size Halo figure created by the birthday boy's dad!

If you are having any theme party go through your house and collect any toys related to the theme and use them in your decor. Here is a Halo toy being used on the entrance table.

I got a huge surprise when I got to the home this year. I usually set up in their game room but it had been converted to the master suite so what I had in mind for set up had to be changed. I ended up setting up in the dining room but the backdrop I had created for behind the sweets table was too big to fit in the niche. Oh well, one thing I have learned from doing weekly parties at client's homes~with only 1 hour to 1 1/2 hour set up time and multiple variables that change what you had in mind....just go with the flow and make it work! At least the painting colors work with the red flowers in my ammo can centerpiece!

A Halo figurine guarding the custom cookies.

I used my camouflage tents to hold mini whoopie pies and brownies.

You can embellish any cake with theme figurines to dress it up.

Camo cake pops from my cake pop Diva of course!

Using another toy as a centerpiece on the table. I got the camouflage overlay from Oriental Trading.

I purchased MREs (Meals Ready to Eat) from the Base to use as additional decor. Then let the birthday boy and friends try them. You could get these from a military surplus store as well.

Then I made my version of MREs by wrapping boxes in camouflage patterned duct tape. You can find Duct tape in any color and so many patterns! Easy to do!

The party favors were mini ammo cans filled with a smore's pack with a custom tag. I will show you more details on this in another post. I painted the kids faces in a camouflage pattern to get them ready for war! We had the Game Truck again this year. The kids had a Halo tournament. It was such a hit. I wonder what theme this young man will challenge me with next year?


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  2. What an awesome party! Loving all the details :)

  3. My Son wants a Halo party for his 11th birthday. I googled for ideas and found your blog! I was just wondering where I could find the mini ammo cases that you used as party favors! What a cute idea!!Did you make invitations or orderd them online??? Thanks for any info!