Monday, September 12, 2011

Weekly Meal Planning

Here is my kitchen pantry...not much to look at but now I love it~ why??? Well, on my quest for organizing and simplifying my life~ I mentioned that I was going to start weekly menu planning. I am crazy busy with running a business, weekly parties, being a mom and wife and I know you are all super duper busy too. I still really want my family to have a home cooked meal at least 4 times a week. I have stuck to this rule for at least 2 years now. However, every day I find myself starting to stress on what I am making for dinner. Usually when I am out and not sure what I have at home. So I've decided to start planning out my meals on Sunday at home where I can see what I have and if I need anything I can put on grocery list to pick up for the week on Monday.
I got this awesome vinyl (comes in chalkboard as well) from Style with Vinyl. It was a GroopDealz back in August so I got it for only $9.95. To my surprise it fit PERFECTLY inside my pantry door. I was too excited! Now it's right in the kitchen and a constant reminder of my meal planning and meals! I like it inside the door so it's not right in plain sight but I'm in the pantry at least 20 times a day so I see it all the time!
Here is my first week of meal planning. Yippee....I'm so excited to get more organized. I find that the more organized my life is ~ it really helps everything run more smoother with less stress.

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