Friday, September 23, 2011

Friday Feature Party~Carnival

As you know I love real parties more than parties that are designed or styled for photographs. Don't get me wrong, I love to look at them but realistically I love it when I see a mom put her heart, love and time in making a special memory for her children. I have been blog friends with Melissa since she sent me her first party even before she had a blog. Melissa from Buckets of Grace is a phenomenal woman~she works full time as a lawyer and is an incredible mommy to her 2 children. Her parties and holiday events are nothing short amazing! Her blog is full of creative ideas and I just love her although we have never met!

Her latest carnival party for her son Ethan is a show stopper!

I love this Ferris wheel cake topper that she got during Easter -made for dying eggs- but she spray painted it to match colors and added blue gumballs. I am so mad because I saw this same thing on sale at Jo Ann's at the end of the season on clearance and had the same idea to use as Ferris wheel but didn't get it due to having no need for it. Wouldn't you know it - I just got booked for a custom circus/carnival party! Can I borrow yours Melissa?

I love these lollipops that spell out carnival.

The prize table-ridiculous (that's my word for really good)

Props for the photo booth. Melissa is money conscious like me so she makes a lot of her party decor items herself.

My favorite and one that I WILL copy is the ticket booth made out of a refrigerator box. This party is broken down in many posts due to so many pictures and details so you must go to her blog to check them out!

Great photo booth and great family! Many blessings! I would love to see your fabulous parties! If you want to be my next Friday Feature party send your submissions to


  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you Michelle. You are one of the nicest :) I appreciate the feature and your kindness.