Tuesday, August 23, 2011

(New Series) Transformation Tuesday~School Desk

As you know I have a passion for parties and entertaining but I also have a passion for making old things new or to find a new purpose for things. I used to blog Dollar Days where I would take dollar store items and transform them into things you could use for parties. However, with running my business, being a mom & wife, I didn't always get a chance to make something from dollar stores. I realize though that I'm always transforming something whether it be a thrift store find, dollar store item or something I already own into something new. So every Tuesday, I will share my transformations with you.

I wanted to get Madison a school desk so she can have a designated place to practice her writing. I ran across this old desk at Goodwill. The top was pretty beat up with scratches, paint and marker spots. However, no deep scratches and it was the perfect height and size. To my surprise when I got to the register to pay, it was 50% off so I got this baby for $3.50!

I spray painted the whole think pink. Then I painted the top with chalkboard paint that I already had on hand. I used my Cricut to cut out Madison in pink vinyl.

As you can see Madison loves it. (Look at that beautiful M that she did)

I need to add some storage and something on the wall behind her desk. So I'm sure you will see this again. I hope you like this new series!