Thursday, July 21, 2011

Cookie Baking Birthday party

This is one of the most adorable milk and cookies party I have ever seen from Cookie Mondays! (and I've seen a lot)

So many precious handmade items. I love the cupcake liner garland so cute for a baking party like this one!

Each girl's initial on shirt and beautiful apron! Oh how I wish I could sew!

Each girl got her own baking sheet, utensils, and chef the shirt and apron! WOW!

I am in LOVE with this chef hat with the cupcake liner flower!!

Made cookie dough.....

then the girls added their choice of items to go into dough.......

and made their own cookies. I AM SO DOING THIS!!

Of course must have a milk & cookies buffet. Love the cookie sandwich in lieu of birthday cake. I adore this party. One of Madison's school buddies is coming over tomorrow for a play date. I had no idea what to have for lunch. Now, I know this would be perfect for the girls to make their own lunch. Don't you just love blogs and all of the amazing creative full of muses!


  1. Heart melting! Love it.

  2. Amazing party! I couldn't imagine the amount of work that went into this!