Friday, April 29, 2011

Strawberry Party Centerpieces

Last week I helped my friend with her daughter's Strawberry Shortcake themed birthday party. (Maddy's besties) If you are planning a Strawberry Shortcake party or a strawberry theme party here are some muses~

I never met a centerpiece I didn't like that I can eat! Especially one covered in chocolate!!

I love using fruit in centerpieces. This one is darling in the teacup.

Blumeboxes are so versatile and inexpensive! I love using the strawberry plant.

A more elegant display using strawberries and wheat grass.

I was going to use my cupcake stand and do this display on the dessert table but instead of using chocolate bowls, I was going to use cup size ice cream waffle cups. However, could only find the bowl size ones!! Bummer!

My friend and I made homemade strawberry jam to give to parents as hubby thought we were crazy....silly man. Just bowls of strawberries....sometimes the most simplistic things are beautiful.

I simply love this tablescape!


  1. wow, love it! never thought to use strawberries in such a way and I feel inspired! thanks lady!

  2. That just made my heart beat faster. I'm so in love with everything in this post. Strawberry *anything* is fabulous. :-D

  3. The strawberry topiary is stunning!!


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  5. I just love the display with the cupcake stand. What kind of bowl did you use?