Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Zebra Minnie Mouse Party

Talented mommy Any has done it again! This time with a Zebra Minnie Mouse party for her 3 year old daughter Bella. I have used zebra and hot pink for other party themes but never thought about using it with Minnie Mouse.
I have that black frame! I got it at IKEA. Love the picture of Bella on the backdrop wall.
There were zebra and Minnie Mouse details EVERYWHERE!!!
Okay, this place mat is too cute!
So many details!!
I LOVE the cake!
I gave out these same red and white lollipops for Madison's preschool Valentine's gift boxes~found them at Walmart.

Seriously, where do you find all of this stuff Any?? These drinks are ADORABLE!
As always, thanks for sharing Any...you are one talented and beautiful mommy!!


  1. Love all the details of the party! I bet Bella will never forget this birthday party anytime soon, I wouldn't!

  2. Oh my gosh...I want to go to this party! Look at that cake! Wow...impressive.

  3. Michell,
    I'm very honored and happy to see may daughter's party in your blog.
    Thank you so much!!! Your blog rocks!!!
    For sure many ideas I took from your blog.
    Since I live in Orlando I thought that Minnie Mouse would be great, and for my surprise I found many things at Walmart. After Valentines Day I bought many things with 50% off, believe or not I found the pink lemonade at Dollar Tree, I couldn't believe when I saw it!!!
    Well, the pink water... My mother brought from Brazil... I loved it!!!


  4. Where did you get everythink from?