Sunday, January 23, 2011

Steelers Going to Superbowl!!

My Steelers are going to the Superbowl! I could not be more excited! 3 times in 6 years~ how awesome. I know my hometown is going crazy tonight! Of course I had some of my peeps over to watch the game. I really wanted a no fuss get together and just enjoy my friends and of course FOOTBALL! So I used my bar as a chip and dip station.
I love using my chalkboards to list my items...quick and easy. (notice the footballs on boards) :)There is a half wall dividing my den and kitchen space. Yes, I could have put up a backdrop but didn't want to block view from the kitchen. So opted to put a few things on the ledge instead.
Yes, staged parties are pretty but in my real world~ I like my hot food hot and when I'm watching football....I want to watch football and not have to keep refilling items. So maybe the chaffing dishes aren't pretty but I had hot honey wings, hot wings and meatballs! Are you aware of the awesome subs you can get from Walmart? I got this 6 ft sub...only 4 ft showing for $25 and the condiments are included! Do you like my yard line markers on sub?? :)
Yes, I got already sliced tomatoes, onions, lettuce, mayonnaise and mustard with my sub. All for $25! You can't even buy the meat for that price!
Aren't these cakepops gorgeous! Love the golden glitter and the 3 diamonds for my Steelers logo! I love my cakepop diva Jen!! You do know she can mail these, right?? OH!! I will have to post the ones she did for me last week...awesome as always. (Heavenly cakepops website)I had another boy party to share with you but didn't post on Saturday...sorry! I will post it tomorrow then the rest of the week will be checking out Valentine's Day stuff!


  1. What a fun get together!!!! I wish I was invited :)! I love the idea of the dip bar. So fun and so many great details!

  2. We are right there with you! We are excited about the steelers...we are in Arlington only 10 minutes awa from the stadium! Wish we could get tickets!

  3. Hooray! Go Steelers!!!! Great party-- I'm getting ready to host a Steelers Superbowl party too. We just moved to Patriots country so I'm not sure who will actually come, but... we're doing it anyway!

  4. Oh Michelle! We'll be going head-to-head then! My Packers may beat your Steelers :) Glad you guys won! Should be a good game!!!

  5. Michelle- Thanks so much for posting! What a fun party! GO STEELERS!! Kerri

  6. I posted a link to this party tonight :)