Sunday, June 6, 2010

Cotton Candy Crazy

I have cotton candy on the brain....btw it is 2:20 am. Why in the world am I up and thinking about cotton candy you ask?? Well, because I do my best creative thinking in the middle of the night. I have lots of cotton candy left over from here so I am trying to think of a new and creative way to display cotton candy and candy for Maddy's birthday party Saturday. No pressure, right? Anyhoo, here are some cool cotton candy pics! (Photos courtesy of Martha Stewart & Brides)
I don't drink coffee but these Ice Coffee Frappe topped off with white fluffy cotton candy looks so yummy! I like how cotton candy is also called floss~ this amazing Persian Fairy Floss (right) Rose sugar shown here, all hand-spun and comes in vanilla, saffron, chocolate and pistachio flavors! Cool texture!
(Photos courtesy of Brides)
Green apple flavor is on the left. This would be a cute way to serve my little princesses "tea". I'm totally loving the french toast sticks topped with maple cotton candy! How unique. I wonder how it tastes????


  1. Several years ago the Today Show had some theme parties. One of them was a milk and cookie bar. I believe the cookies were all different kinds of Oreos and the milk was served on a platter in cordial (I think) glasses. Glassware looked a lot like the picture above. I am thinking chocolate milk with cotton candy on top!

  2. so cute! for our ice cream party last month, I took ice cream cones (that were partially dipped in white candy melts and pealized sprinkles} placed cotton candy inside of cones, wrapped them up in cellophane bags and tied with ribbon for a cute party favor. They were a huge hit and the kids loved them!

  3. Have you seen these Cupcakes for Maddys Party?

  4. I love this cotton candy stuff!! I have been wanting to do cotton candy cupcakes for a while now ~ this is great inspiration!