Saturday, May 1, 2010

Party Bathroom Baskets

I was planning on posting the $60 party today but with Maddycakes parties and the upcoming huge Sweet 16 party next week, I was unable to make the items. However, I did buy the materials needed and I'm on target for being under $60 ~ luckily for me the birthday is not until July so I will post after next Saturday's party! Thanks for understanding my peeps!! I'm going to a blog conference tomorrow and I'm very excited ... so quick post continuing from yesterday about frames. Sorry I have no picture of my frame (don't feel like taking one ~it's 1 am) but here is a bathroom basket.

I got this idea and poem when doing weddings but now I put a basket in my 2 downstairs bathrooms during my parties. Trust me it comes in handy and you won't have to leave your party to go find a Band-aid!

Poem for baskets to put in frame:

So glad you came to our party!!
But should something happen to go astray,
Please help yourself to the contents within,
Wet wipe, hand lotion, gum and even aspirin,
Use only what you need and leave the rest,
It may be useful to another guest.
So repair the damage that may have been done,
Then hurry on back and join the fun!!!
The Burt's

What to put in baskets:
Aspirin, Tylenol, chewable antacids, Imodium, bandages, Neosporin, Dr. Scholl’s blister treatments, dental floss picks, hand lotion, deodorant, (tampons, feminine napkins- depending on the party), cotton swabs, nail files, hair spray, combs, oil-absorbing blotching paper, clear nail polish, bobby pins, hair ties, hem tape, safety pins, stain remover pads or pens, lint roller, sewing kit, super glue, packets of Kleenex, gum, breath mints and Wet Wipes.


  1. Great idea! I just read about someone wondering what they should put into a basket for their daughter's upcoming wedding. I will direct them to your blog on this.

  2. This is a very clever idea. I always try to put a basket in the bedroom when I have overnight guests...but, I never thought of doing this for a party. Perfect!