Thursday, May 20, 2010

Beach Week~centerpieces

Here is Maddy and her Caribbean hairdo! She loves it so much. However, the first night she kept complaining that the beads hurt when she was laying down but she is used to it now. Today it rained majority of the day so we pretty much stayed indoors so I have a chance to blog to my peeps. It has been such an amazing vacation. We had family pictures scheduled to be taken on the beach today so I was disappointed we couldn't do it. How often do you get to take professional pictures on a beach?? YIPPEE! Although we had to give up our Sesame Street breakfast tickets to someone today....I finally got Maddy to get near a character!! As long as mommy was standing next to Abby and not her she wasn't screaming her head off for the first steps! Although she almost pulled down my cover up completely!) I bet you didn't know Maddy got her curly hair from me??? I never wear my hair this way unless I'm on vacation. I look like a french poodle!
Not doing to good blogging this week but I know you all understand being that I'm on vacay!! You know I'll be back to my regular upon my return. Here are a couple of neat centerpieces for a beach theme soiree.
I have done this exact color shell mix combo before but I did it in a tall vase layered. I really like the effect of it being flat. Real Cool!
You can get the effect of coral by spray painting Manzanita branches. Thanks for being patient about my not blogging everyday as normal. I'm on holiday and I'm loving every minute of it....vice all the rain today!


  1. You and Maddy look beautiful, and its nice to hear that you're having a great vacation!

  2. I've been following you since your easter party, Maddy's cousin just looks like my eldest girl. I'm a french bi racial mommy of two beautiful girls Kelis(3 and half) and Naïa (21 months). Until then i kept quiet, but when it's about hair i cant resist. You haire are WONDERFUL and no, you dont look like a french poodle. Curly hair are so much better!
    By the way i wish i could be on vacation too, here's where i work, take a look