Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Earth Day is April 22nd

I have parties for just about any reason I can find and holidays but haven't yet had one for Earth day! (LOL) However, it's a great day to educate our children on nature and our wonderful planet. I believe that every little thing you do whether it is to conserve, recycle, or reuse items~all help. I am very big on reusing items. For instance, I find that using yogurt cups are great for putting paint in for Maddy's works of art!
Here's a cute Earth day treat to make with the kiddos~ Earth Day Rice Krispie treats.
Make the classic crisp rice cereal treat into an Earth Day celebration fit for kids, with the help of a little bit of food coloring. To make this recipe even healthier, substitute in natural food colorings like those from India Tree. To find stores near you that carry India Tree colors, see their website here. India Tree natural food colors only come in three colors, red, yellow and blue, so let your kids be "colorologists" and make the green themselves by combining the yellow and blue.

It’s important that our children and grandchildren learn to take care of animals and plants and to recycle. Our planet is getting more contaminated every day and they will be taking care of it some day, so it is never to early to learn to appreciate the Earth now.
If you live near a Pottery Barn Kids, they are having a special party filled with fun activities, earth-friendly giveaways for them and story-time throughout the day on Earth Day.

Earth Day’s goal is to bring the environment to the forefront and make each of us realize that we need to do our part to improve our environment. It is a great opportunity to highlight the importance of caring for our environment to our children. A good book to read your child regarding this day is It’s Earth Day by Mercier Mayer.


  1. What a great idea! Thanks! Eath Day is also my son's birthday so that would be a fun craft/treat to do. :)

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