Friday, March 5, 2010

Rock Star 1st Birthday

Today's real party belongs to mommy Laurie from Girl, outnumbered (too cute blog name and graphics) it's a rock star party for her 1 yr old. I love it when people think outside the box!! Here is her invite from an Etsy shop. Rock star mommy found the chalkboard at Kirklands...chalkboards are showing up everywhere people!!

Another chalkboard with root beer in buckets .... that is a great drink special price!! You know at rock concerts and sporting events a small bottle of water is $9!!

Cute tag...another Etsy find. Don't you just love ETSY!!
LOVING the houndstooth! Laurie found the #1 and guitars at Candy Mold Central.

Here is a girl after my own heart~she got the vases at my store...$ Tree filled with Kiss M&Ms she found on clearance months before the party!! BTW, I was donating stuff to Goodwill I was leaving the parking lot I saw a store closing sign on a Hollywood Video. I thought what the heck I will check it out. Well, you know those huge movie size boxes of candy??? I got them for 70% off! (I may swing back by tomorrow since it's the stores last day to see if it comes down more...) Can you say hello to a great candy table at Madison's Crayola birthday party!! I digress ... sorry!
She added pictures of her son's first year to centerpieces! I really love this!!! (Especially the pictures being black and white to go with the whole color theme) I will be copying this one!!

Thanks so much Laurie for sharing this great party with us!! You did a rocking job! (okay corny I know ~ trying to use rocker slang....don't know any) Check out her blog for more details and pics here.


  1. This is too cute! When my kids turned 1, we had a tiny angel food cake just for them...took pictures of them covered in frosting (which I love) and that was pretty much it! Times have changed:)

  2. This is such a cute party! Great job! I love it!

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