Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Flower Power

Today I am participating in Between Naps on the Porch Tablescape Thursday with host the lovely Susan. Well ,after yesterday's post I had every intention on doing a jelly bean inspired table. However, this morning Maddy and I were at Target looking over the $ bins and Maddy put on this flower headband and she looked so adorable. I saw so many cute stuff to go with it but I was determined to do a jelly bean tablescape. So I left it all there and went to $ Tree on a mission to find jelly bean stuff ~found cute stuff...but to go with the flower stuff from Target so why fight it. I decided to do a table for my daughter and our neighbor's daughter to eat then do a craft. Here are my finds...all from either Target $ bins or $ Tree so I'm also participating in Thrifty Thursday's as well for the first time. Thanks Leigh for hosting!

The place mat was actually a bath mat from Target $ bins...priced at $2.50. It is really small for a bath mat but worked great on the table!!Well, I did use some jelly beans after all! This whole centerpiece came from $ Tree. I adore the vibrant feather duster and knew that one day I would use it in a centerpiece...this was the day! The flower lollipops came in a bouquet, added jelly beans and glass vase...viola....instant colorful centerpiece!

First of all you are wondering why there are rocks in the cup, right? Well, my Maddy put them in there. At first I thought ~gosh my baby is a genius, she is trying to help mommy weigh down the cup for the photo. It was very windy.....but no, she started putting them in her mouth. I kept them in cup anyway for was very windy!

Found the stickers at $ Tree. Here is the flower headband that was my "muse".

The slippers from Target ($2.50) are being used to hold napkin and fork.
Got this adorable straw purse from $ Tree. It is fully lined as well. The girls can put their slippers, bank, flower headband and lollipops in.
The flower bank I got from Target $ bins but was $2.50. If it wasn't so late (didn't want to miss the daylight) I would have used this for a place card as well. You could either put name in the center yellow circle or put name on tag ~glue onto stick and put it in the bank slot.
Got the green plastic plates at $ Tree...came in packs of 4. So that is it! You got to love those $ Bins and $ stores. I found so much for Easter today at $ Tree. I'm going to take pictures prior to Maddy's Easter party so I don't miss anything! The 2 flower girls. They are just too cute for words! Maddy and I just love Becca Boo!So go on over to Tablescape and Thrifty Thursday to get more "muses".


  1. I LOVE the jellybean centerpiece! You are an inspiration and you are very talented!

  2. Love, love, looove the vibrant colors! I think it's so funny that I was JUST looking at the bouquet of flower suckers today at the Dollar Tree thinking I should get them for partea favor at my next Fairy Partea.

  3. What a punch of color! ♥ those little floral first I thought they were bike baskets. :D
    I know the girls got a kick out of all your bargain treasures. My sweet Caroline would have loved to join in.

  4. Love the tablescape. Target dollar bins is one of my favorite places

  5. Love the tablescape! So fun and colorful!

  6. How colorful and cute! Love it. Be blessed. Cindy

  7. So cute! I saw these things at Target yesterday. They also had a lot of mod monkey stuff for a fun monkey and bananas party if anyone is looking for those!

  8. Great colors and your daughter and her friend look so cute in their headbands!

  9. I love all the bright colors...cute centerpiece!

  10. What a sweet tablescape, I absolutely love it! Looks like the girls had a great time too :)

    Thanks for the complements on my flatware flower!

    -Ann Marie

  11. Thanks Michelle, I appreciate you stopping by! I hope you are able to link up to the Celebration Inspiration Party – your work is so inspiring and beautiful! I am sure your links would be a great hit. Your tablescapes are simply amazing. I need to pop back over to blog when I have sometime to really look around.
    Hope you have a fabulous weekend – and I hope to see you in April!
    Thanks so much for your comment. ~ Stephanie Lynn

  12. What a fun day for you and the girls! This is such a cheerful table -- and so bright -- perfect for a fun spring afternoon of delight!