Wednesday, March 31, 2010

April Fool's deceptive dishes

I am not big on April Fool's....I know such a party pooper. I just don't like to be pranked so I don't do it to others. However, here are some food pranks that I think are harmless and fun. Family Fun magazine has a lot of great food pranks. Check them out.

So cute...candy pizza...recipe here.
I love this one because Maddy hates mashed potatoes (she doesn't get that from me) but LOVES ice cream. So this is an easy trick to play on her. Just use ice cream or frozen yogurt and top with butterscotch or carmel sauce gravy.

This one is my favorite..grill cheese cake. Genius!
Pound cake (we used Entenmann's brand)
1 cup buttercream or white frosting (canned is just fine)
Yellow and red food coloring

Cut the pound cake into bread-like slices and toast them in a toaster oven just until they turn golden brown. Once they've cooled for a few minutes, stack two slices for each sandwich and cut the stack in half diagonally (slicing the sandwich before you fill it makes for fewer crumbs).
Now tint the frosting by stirring in a few drops of yellow and red food coloring (more yellow than red) to get a shade of orange that resembles American cheese.
Carefully spread frosting between the slices of each half sandwich. If you mound the frosting on one slice, then top it with the other and gently press down, the frosting will ooze out a bit and look all the more like melted cheese. Makes one sandwich.


  1. Girl, do you ever run out of ideas? And...when do you sleep? Be blessed. Cindy

  2. I love the "grilled cheese"!

    .... I dont like being pranked either. I just wish I could sleep through the day tomorrow and just avoid the whole thing, lol

  3. Love the grilled cheese! I may have to do this even though April Fool's day is past.