Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Candy Theme Tablescape

Another tablescape from the $1000 or less category at TSE. Sorry for no picture of whole tablescape. I was focusing on the details. There are some really great details and "muses" to be found!Here are more paper flowers and rock candy usage!! I don't know why but I don't like my candles to be taller than the glass....is something wrong with me???This chair tie is very clever. The designer used plastic lids from peanut cans. Painted it, cut hole (to make it look like a buckle) then hot glued candy around it.

Candy topiaries as table decor.

I'm feeling a tablescape coming on- so it's up to you~ what would you rather see...

Breakfast at Tiffany's or a Valentine's tablescape~PLEASE don't just think it in your head..leave a comment. I will check my responses during the day and work on it and post tomorrow!


  1. I think in honor of Valentine's day coming up, my vote is for the Valentine's tablescape.

    BTW...so excited to see/hear all your ideas for Maddy's birthday party. I'm in the process of selecting a theme for the twins. I'm like you, I like to plan early so I can start collecting things.

  2. the candy topiaries are amazing!

    valentines day tablescape gets my vote as well!

  3. Would love to see a Vday tablescape!

  4. This is cute for an Alice in Wonderland party....or maybe a Candyland themed party. I'd love to see a Breakfast at Tiffany's tablescape! So ineterested to see what that looks like! :)

  5. I know I posted a comment on this. If you get 2 of them, just delete one. Anyway, don't like the yellow or the tall candles. I do like the topiaries and the rock candy.

    There's a giveaway on my blog today!


  6. I would love to see the Breakfast at Tiffany's tablescape sounds amazing!

  7. What a clever chair cover. Thanks for sharing these....Sarah