Thursday, September 24, 2009

Candy Trees

These candy trees are a quick and easy DIY project that I found on You can purchase the cones at any craft store and hot glue candy on. You can match any color decor by using matching candies. I'm not a huge fan of the traditional orange and black for Halloween so I will try this in something next week....stay tuned.

However, I have used these cones in a similar way- I put vanilla icing on the cones and stuck cream puffs on by using toothpicks broke in half (so you can see them). Then sprinkle powdered sugar on them - like snow.


  1. I love the soda bottles... how did they do that? So fun... and the colors

  2. Marry,
    It looks like they peeled off label then used black paint pen to make images. I have done this but used electric tape or contact paper. That way you can trace your images and cut out - I can't draw! Look under the post easy embellishment for an example! Thanks for always making comments. I love the feedback!